Have you Kicked off the football Season without Shinnerz in Your Kitbag?

With the Football season now under way for most professionals and amateurs alike, many players will be trying to get used to a set of new and possibly different style of shin pad. In fact, finding a pair of shin pads that you are 100& comfortable with and which don’t distract you during play is not quite as easy as it might first seem?

Most players will readily admit to struggling with their choice of shin-pads at some point during their playing career and not just because there are so many diverse styles, brands and prices to choose from. Comfort, protection and and ease of fixing are usually the three main criteria a player will consider when selecting ‘shinnies’, but even if you think you have managed to tick these three boxes, you can still end up developing numerous problems with wearing your shinpads.

Common problems and complaints when wearing shin-pads across all kinds of sports usually fall into three categories. The first is comfort. The second is performance and the third is a host medical related conditions. Shinnerz innersocks are designed to alleviate the issues, niggles and annoying factors in all three of these problem areas and by so doing, allow you as a player to optimise your concentration so you can play the best football you can.

Shinnerz – makes wearing shin pads easy

Let’s first look at the comfort factor. Many styles of shin-guards with ties are fixed directly onto the skin. Velcro ties and the webbing or strapping they are attached to are often made of quite abrasive materials and can easily chafe your skin when they move about during play. Alternatively, if you use Tape or Shin tubes to fix slip-in shin-pads, particularly if the tape is strapped too tightly or is directly in contact with your skin, then you are also likely to suffer from levels of discomfort or soreness caused by rubbing. Wearing Shin Tubes over shin-pads and then football socks over the top, might be comfortable for some players, but for others it will feel way too constricting. Shinnerz provide an easy solution to all of these complaints by adding a layer of protection to your leg which very simply prevents ties and tape from chaffing.

Aston Villa’s Under 16’s Player Dean Waldron is being sponsored with Free Shinnerz this season and already Dean has felt the benefits of Shinnerz.

“The Velcro ties on my shin-pads used to rub my legs and often make them really sore, but now I wear Shinnerz I don’t get that problem any more. They’re perfect. Really comfortable”.

As far as performance goes, Shinnerz can help in two ways. Firstly, because Shinnerz provide a barrier to moisture, whatever type of shin-guard you are using, they help to protect your pads from the constant absorption of sweat which can eventually lead to shin pads degrading totally. Preserving your shinpads in a healthy state, Shinnerz could even allow you to keep using the same pair of shin-pads for an entire season! Secondly, even when you have tied or taped your Shin pads as best as you can, they can still slip on a sweating leg. Shinnerz provide greater traction for whatever fixing method you are using and will help to prevent your ‘shinnies’ from slipping during play.

Shinnerz show the red card to shin rashes

Shinnerz help prevent against Shin-Rash and conditions such as contact dermatitis.

The third and final complaint suffered by many footballers through wearing shin pads is the ‘sweat’ or ‘shin-pad rash’. This nasty complaint is caused by the build up of bacteria between the shin-guard and the leg and is delivered through sweating and known as ‘contact dermatitis’. So whilst sweating is usual and normal during sport, Shinnerz are designed from a specially designed fabric which wicks away sweat so that your leg stays fresh and dry. Players who suffer from eczema, prickly heat or any other kind of skin allergy or condition will also find that Shinnerz will vastly reduce discomfort and protect the skin against the build up of bacteria which will further irritate these conditions.

So, if you don’t own a pair of Shinnerz, then now is the time to try them out! Don’t spend the entire footie season wrestling with shin pad problems or constantly applying creams and ointments to repair your sore or infected legs. Shinnerz offer real comfort and style whilst keeping your legs and your shinnies in a healthy state. Check out our Football Shinnerz page today and send all of those “how to wear shin pads” problems for an early shower today!

Now you can design your own personalised football Shinnerz too! Visit our website for details. Or talk to us on Facebook.

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